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This short 90 minute self-paced onboarding course will teach you the insights and practical tools needed to deliver more personalized value for your patients using the power of genetic testing. 

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The 3X4 Genetics Turnkey Solution Includes:

An Industry-Leading Test. 

3X4 Genetics’ industry-leading test is based on 20 + years of scientific research and clinical practice. It gives your patients actionable insights based on their individual genetic blueprint, helping them take control of their health and reach their health goals, whatever they may be. 

Genetics Translation Training. 

We'll teach you everything you need to know about how to translate test results into actionable insights to transform your patients’ lives. 

Practice Integration Training. 

We’ll teach you how to integrate genetic testing into your practice so you can differentiate your practice and attract more patients. 

Passionate community. 

 Join an online community of over 1000+ like minded practitioners to collaborate, brainstorm, and work together with as you lead your patients into the future of health. 

Exclusive Workshops & Events. 

 Get exclusive access to workshops and events led by industry thought leaders so you can continue to learn and grow as a practitioner. 

The fine print: 

If you decide to get the $249 special offer 3X4 Blueprint Report for yourself,  

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  • Your very own 3X4 Blueprint report full of valuable, actionable insights about your unique body.  
  • A one-hour private consultation with an expert clinical practitioner, after which you will receive summarized feedback to get you started on your journey to a better, longer and healthier life. 

The $249 special price is only valid for new practitioners who are not yet part of the 3X4 Network. Only one test per practitioner and available exclusively for practitioners based in the US.